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Dear Friend,


      If you are interested in having an absolutely incredible sex life, there is a new book (just published) that has the most exciting secrets you will ever read.


      But, here's a warning: Before you request your copy of the book, you better know some of the secrets revealed in it. You see, the author of the book doesn't want to embarrass anyone... or... make them feel uncomfortable in any way. So, if your deep religious beliefs, your ultra conservative upbringing or, if you have "personal reasons" against having great sex... you probably should NOT read this book.


      To help you decide if this book is for you or not, here are some of the secrets revealed in it:

  • The real reason why Prozac and Zoloft are so popular in this country! (Almost no one... not  even doctors... understands the startling sexual  implications.)

  • The single biggest sexual complaint women have about men!

  • The single biggest sexual complaint men have about women!

  • A dead "giveaway" which proves if a woman is faking her orgasms!

  • A brand new discovery (just approved by the FDA in February) which any man can use to instantly (and safely) boost his testosterone level! (Note: This will not only improve his sex life... but also... his overall health.)

  • A secret almost nobody (except a few, elite, very wealthy people) know about... which can lead to... a male having multiple orgasms)

  • A special place (and a special way) to touch a woman to guarantee mind-altering sex! (This technique is so simple... and... so little-known... even 75% of all women don't know about it.)

  • The two almost unknown secrets (one mental, one physical) men need to know to have rock-hard erections... at any age! (These are crucial secrets to improving a man's sex life forever.)

  • A scientifically-proven "aphrodisiac" which gently sends a woman's sexual desires into white-hot overdrive!

  • What lesbians know about oral sex which men don't... and... why more men today are losing their women to other women!

  • The single most important thing a woman can do to make herself more attractive to the opposite sex!

  • The single most important thing a man can do to make himself more attractive to the opposite sex!

  • Three sure-fire ways to tell if your spouse or "significant other" has had sex with someone else in the last 24-hours!

  • How any man can make all of his erections last longer! (This is one of the most jealously guarded discoveries of sex researchers who had been given almost unlimited research funding by their wealthy, pleasure-seeking patrons.)

  • Almost foolproof contraception: It's over 99% effective but... so new... most people have never even heard about it!

  • A male "pleasure trigger" accidentally discovered by medical doctors which... curbs premature ejaculation... and... increases the frequency and quality of male orgasms!

  • The number one rule which absolutely... must be observed... for women to have a truly spectacular orgasm!

  • An amazing secret just recently discovered which every man should know about how to... instantly... put his woman "in the mood"! (This works faster than anything else a man could ever do... and... women desperately want their man to learn this secret.)

  • A sex act which is impossible for most men (unless they know this one simple trick) which women rave about... and... often say "is more enjoyable than orgasms!"

  • A little known foreplay secret (only recently revealed by a world famous female sex therapist) that gives a man a foolproof method which makes certain his woman will have an explosive orgasm... every time they make love!

  • A perfectly normal (and healthy) sex act between a man and woman... once forbidden... by American psychiatrists... but... which they now admit... will dramatically increase the amount of great sex in a relationship!

      Let's take a short "breather." We'll get back to more of what this remarkable book will teach you in just a moment. But first, let's talk about why these secret sex techniques are so important.


      Right now, there are approximately 16,222,181 people in the world with full blown AIDS. Another 56,122,303 are HIV Positive. On a worldwide basis, most of these people did not become HIV Positive because they were drug addicts sharing needles... or... because they received it in a blood transfusion... or... because they were having gay sex. Believe it or not, 81% of worldwide cases of HIV and AIDS are caused by the simple act of a straight man having sex with a straight woman. That's why, if you are in a monogamous relationship or if you are married, it is more important than ever not to go outside your relationship for sex.


      Can you guess the biggest reason people cheat on their partners or commit adultery? It's very simple...


It's Because They Are
Bored With The Sex Life
They Have At Home!

       But, after you finish reading this book, there is no reason for you to ever be bored with your sex life again! Just to make sure you understand how true this statement is, following are a few more of the scorching secrets you will learn when you read this book:

  • An exclusive "pleasure map" with a "fingertip" guide to the 16 most sizzling "hot spots" on a woman's body... including... at least FOUR she probably hasn't discovered herself!

  • A secret "pleasure spot" on a man's body (it's like a male G-spot) which is so hidden away by nature... not one man in a thousand knows about it... and yet... it can produce awesome, shuddering waves of pleasure!

  • The thrilling "18-Hour-Plan" (developed by sex experts) which... no matter how fatigued you've been... or... how long you both have been in a rut... will reignite the passion between the two of you!

  • The six "tricks" which are a man's surest path to quickly increase his woman's "clitoral arousal" which is... the most certain way for a man to bring his partner's "foreplay clock" into sync with his!

  • The details about how sex researchers destroyed a dangerous sexual myth... and... why a woman does NOT need longer foreplay... if... the man who is her lover knows what he is doing!

  • What both men AND women need to know about PMS... and... how this knowledge will solve almost all problems caused by PMS!

  • Why "pick-up lines" almost never work... and... the ONE "almost magic" way to approach a woman which works nearly every time!

  • Why most couples miss out on the searing, hottest peak of their "love clock" during the day... and... why they never even realize it!

  • How to use the amazing "Bio Cure" created by noted sex researchers... which... is especially critical for busy parents!

  • Four incredibly easy ways a man can make sure he NEVER again has to worry about the erection problems 52% of all men (even those under 30 years old) report as their number one source of embarrassment!

  • Flirting secrets used by all women that 95% of men don't even recognize... and... how a man's life instantly gets ten times more exciting... when he does learn to recognize and understand these little-known secrets!

  • Casanova's Secret: He was the most famous lover in history and scientists have now discovered he actually did have a secret aphrodisiac (that can be made from natural foods)... which... has been proven to stimulate the "sex chemicals" in a woman's brain!

  • The one best way to win the true undying love of a member of the opposite sex!

  • What (and how) a man can learn about his woman's masturbation secrets... which will... supercharge HIS sex life!

  • A 15-minute change in the way you shower and dress which may very likely double your animal attractiveness to the opposite sex!

  • Ten things a man must know about a woman which guarantees he and she will have GREAT (not just good) sex!

  • A simple 3-second "trick" which 100% eliminates "performance anxiety" in men! (Note: This "trick" has been used for centuries by the most daring and successful men in the world.)

  • How to get into a deep, soul-pleasing rapport with your lover... and... stay there forever! (You will never feel alone again.)

  • Four little "target words" which can help you win your lover's heart forever!

  • How to guarantee your lover almost never stops thinking about you... and... how to make sure all those thoughts are supercharged with passion and white-hot, smoldering anticipation!

  • What 44% of women wish men knew about the easiest way to bring her to an intoxicating climax... every time!

      Are you starting to get the idea there are some things about great sex you have been missing? If so, don't feel alone. More than 99.9% of the world's population is completely ignorant of these "killer sex" secrets. But, you know what? We are not finished yet... not by a long shot. Here are yet more of the secrets revealed in this amazing book:

  • The 10 most common "clumsy mistakes" 90% of all men make during lovemaking... and... how to quickly learn the "inside secrets" of the most satisfied 10%!

  • A very important (but almost unknown) "trick" which will end "nagging" on both sides of a relationship... forever!

  • Why your fingernails might literally be ruining your love life!

  • What women really want from a man! (Nine out of ten men are absolutely floored by this secret... because... they didn't have the slightest clue.)

  • Why men almost always fail to understand a woman's "physiological signals" even after years of marriage! (Just learning this one secret will take your love life into another dimension.)

  • The only list anyone can trust about what really makes a man attractive to women! (Why can this list be trusted? Simply because... it was compiled by thousands of women.)

  • How often (on average) do men think about sex every day? How often do women think about sex every day? (Hint: The answers will astonish you.)

  • A "Last Stop" medical option for men with medical problems which prevent them from achieving an erection! (Doctors can now bring back full sex lives in 90% of cases.)

  • The single biggest turn-on of every woman... and... how a man who knows how to give it to her can use this simple "sure-fire" secret to enjoy devotion and love so deep and profound... most men can't even imagine it!

  • How to (at any age) make sex last all night long... and... experience the most intense, prolonged orgasms you've ever imagined!

  • The incredible "success patterns" which actually give physically unattractive men a HUGE romantic advantage over good-looking hunks!

  • A very rare fact: Men have three different kinds of orgasms... and why... most men are cheated from having the very best, most electrifying and satisfying one!

  • How to know what kind of win-or-lose "sexual chemistry codes" you are sending every time you kiss your lover!

  • The single most important thing a man can do to win a woman's love... forever!

  • Why women hate most porno tapes... but... you will learn the ultra-secret "wish list" of sex tapes women are literally devouring in private! (These secret videos seem to supercharge women with an intense, erotically-positive sexual energy.)

  • The two amazingly simple secrets (totally unknown by most men) which will cause "peak sexual excitation"... and... give men dramatically, longer-lasting orgasms!

  • Five secrets you need to know... if... you want to be able to kiss like a truly world-class lover! (This is the type of erotic foreplay more and more women are demanding men learn.)

  • The most important (and most little-known) quality a man MUST have if he wants to approach a truly desirable woman... and... have any chance of success! (Women will overlook everything else except this.)

  • What would you guess is the single most common... and... most devastating sexual problem among U.S. couples today? (You'll not only find out what it is when you read this book... you'll also learn... why experts have discovered it's the easiest problem to treat.)

  • How to achieve true, heart pounding intimacy which almost guarantees your relationship will last forever!

  • How a man can help his woman find her "G-spot" which is a hyper-sensitive (anatomically hidden) little pleasure point... most women never discover by themselves! (And will she ever love you for this.)

  • The amazing "Towel-Hanging" trick which triples the strength of a man's erections... and... allows him to experience "rocket-burst" orgasms which will give him (and her) pleasure almost beyond belief!

  • How to tell if a woman is really "turned on"... or... if she is just faking it! (Most men don't have a clue about what "signals" a woman can't stop sending out... which... always reveal the honest truth.)

  • The amazing new product created by a South Beach lesbian that almost instantly makes women crazy to have sex with males...or females.  (Some people think this product should be illegal!)


      OK, You've just read a fairly complete description of what you will learn when you read this remarkable book.  It only costs $ is guaranteed to change your life forever.  That's why it comes with a 100%, Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee.


      This book is called "Killer Orgasms: How to Have The Best Sex Humanly Possible" can download it and be reading it in the next seven minutes.


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