Julie's Friends Special Deal!

Dear Friend,

We have an affiliate program where you can get $20 (US) for every paid order ($39.95 +shipping) of Fire Play referred to us by you!  If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity just enroll with this easy form.


to log in to your account, have your username and password ready and go to http://www.shesonfire.com/cmd.asp?cmd=login

if you want to link to the sales letter use this link http://www.shesonfire.com/cmd.asp?af=xxxx  (replace the xxxx with your affiliate number) This is the link that goes to the sales letter and tracks your clients through the cart for checkout.

Your affiliate link can also be http://www.shesonfire.com/cmd.asp?cmd=checkout&productid=1703072&afid=xxxx (replace the xxxx with your affiliate number)  This is the link that goes straight to the cart for checkout.


Julie Paris

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